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In this episode Byron TGI Friday talks about:


Who is this for? Athletes committed and willing to taking direction. IE Contenders


The Power of Willingness


One thing is true - very few people that want to become successful actually become successful.


What I've been sharing in his podcast are not very popular topics because they require that you the listening audience look at yourself I a brutally honest way. Very few people are willing to self-assess and self-diagnose their strengths and weaknesses and then do something about changing the situation.


Most people don't get it..... they don't get that the unpleasant and hard work is usually the stuff that makes the most difference in producing results.


I'm going to cut to the chase and get right to the brutal and honest truth:


Most BMXers and MXers put forth a half-hearted commitment in their career development - Why?


1.They don't have the people in their lives that know the truth and lies about athlete career development?


2. They underestimate what it's really going to take to get the job done - hence the half-hearted commitment.


3. When the athlete does have the right coaching and mentoring in place they are often unwilling to Implement what they have learned.... because they didn't value the advice and wisdom.


99℅ of you are going to blow off the insights that I share in this lesson.


As a young athlete you're not likely to value wisdom from the highest level.... therefore most of you will underestimate the power of the insights that I share.


I have spent thousands of hours with some of the most successful athletes in the world. The most consistent common denominator of those who do not achieve succeed is a lack of willingness.


I'm talking big picture folks -. This is a 50k ft perspective.


Some people do have the willingness to take direction and learn what they need to change - the problem is that the typical athlete doesn't have the discipline to implement what they know they need to do. Example - yesterday's advice does not get implemented the next day, or any day..... consequently the advice and wisdom is blown off and the athlete continues in mediocrity.


Homework- Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself is mediocrity getting in the way of your personal development common dreams and desires.


Final Note to the rider - success in professional sports requires a world-class commitment. Underestimating what it's going to take to get the job down will be your downfall.


If you're  daily habits are not  inline with your dreams and desires this means one thing - YOU ARE NOT REAL!


To your success,


Byron TGIF Friday




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