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Are you REAL?

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Real? What does it mean to be real?


When you're a young athlete you are:


  • Inexperienced and you don't know what you don't know.

  • You don't see what a veteran sees.

  • Why do the best athletes and teams have coaches?

  • If you think you have it figured out and don't need a coach - then good luck - you will end up having to live with regrets and the Wuda-shuda-kuda story.


Definition of Real (a real contender)


  • Wakes up every day and get to work without Mom or Dad having to lecture the athlete.

  • Use a calendar - lives by the calendar. If it is not put in writing with a date assigned it's not real.

  • Takes ownership and live by the predetermined schedule.

  • Goes to bed with a plan of action.

  • Go to bed with all equipment ready, organized.

  • Has a predefined strategy.

  • Committed.

  • This avoids distractions and getting side tracked unnecessarily - prevents "Dilly Dally."


Summary - If you desire to develop into a professional athlete you need to become a human sponge - hungry for knowledge.


Takeaways - Key understanding


  • You're inspired by your favorite athlete - you dream of that lifestyle, big pro contract, fame, and fortune.

  • You are witnessing the final result of years and years of world-class commitment to excellence.

  • You are witnessing world class  - extraordinary - extraordinarily - the best in the world.

  • World Class work ethic.

  • The formula in 1% Inspiration - 99% perspiration.


If you're  daily habits are not  inline with your dreams and desires this means one thing - YOU ARE NOT REAL!




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