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My Story.

Over the years I’ve learned both the road to success and the road to failure - many sweet memories and many painful failures.


Through the help of some great people in the bicycle industry I've been fortunate to travel around the world racing my BMX bike and host BMX riding skills and training classes to many riders.


Year after year, decade after decade, incredible doors of opportunity continued to open for me. I never would have imagined that I would someday be presented with the opportunity to represent some of the greatest action sports brands in the world such as Kawasaki Motor Co., SHIMANO, REDLINE, Team DG Performance, SCORPION Cycle, OAKLEY, JT Racing, BELL Helmets, Tioga, Diamondback/WSI, Mongoose, TREK and Gary Fisher.  Heck, the folks over at DG BMX developed and sold a ZF-1 Signature Model frame named after fellow DG Teammate Sal Zeuner and myself.


Through my journeys I've spent thousands of hours living, working with, travelling with many top world class athletes - from AMA Supercross/Motocross champions, UCI World BMX, mountain bike World Champions even an Olympic Medalist!


I've been very fortunate to have learned so many valuable insights on how elite champions build a strategy and program that insures their success.  If only I had known back in the day when I got started what I know now, I know in my heart that I could have become a National Champion and a World Champion.


I did manage to become nationally ranked and world ranked, but I deeply regret missing out on a championship title.  As an athlete, I had above average discipline and skill, and willingness to do the hard work, what I didn’t have was a hired coach or mentor to help guide my preparation and training.  I know I had a championship in me.


This is where BMX Athlete Development comes in – and my desire to help BMX athletes reach their full potential.


Looking back and reflecting on the early days of my career there was deep tension between my Father and me.  I know he meant well, and had

good intentions, however there was a "brick wall" standing in between my father and I.  BMX racing drove a wedge between us, and unfortunately we never resolved our differences.


Over many years, my shortcomings have caused me to look back at my situation, assess what happened, what were the roots causes and how I could have changed the outcome.  The result of this journey had led to the development of a simple and practical strategy that can be used to prevent this from happening to other BMX Mom and Dad's.

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